Estate Sale Goddess Hosts: MOVE YO BODY TOOL & ART WAREHOUSE EXTRAVAGANZA SALE 6/28 6/29 6/30 2019 9a-3p


As we stage, we are finding more items! 
The interesting part about this sale is the items tucked here and dale. AND did I mention how WELL KEPT the tools and machines are?! Lastly & luckily, all the manuals are available also. 

Bridgeport Mills 
are available in this sale. This is NOT an auction.The Bridgeport's (all the tools) are very well cared for. The owner respected and lovingly took care of these tools. There's lots of tooling available also (some will be thrown in (FREE). Please look around for the "demonstration" areas within the warehouse to see for yourself how sweet these machines are. All I ask is that YOU are a SERIOUS BUYER and can SHOW ME THE MONEY. At Estate Sale Goddess, I move FAST! Who am I? Allow me to re-introduce myself, I'm Lynne McDaniel aka Estate Sale Goddess aka Goddess of WOW! I grew up on the Southside of Chicago. ENGLEWOOD! My pops was a Real Estate Broker who owned a warehouse over in Bronzeville and mixed use properties all around Chicago. An average day for my Dad? He'd leave the office, drive into the garage, hop out of his '66 butter yellow immaculate Cadillac, take off his tie and suit coat, step right into his overalls, kick off his dress shoes, hop into his work boots, load the pick up and off he'd go to fix a boiler, run new electrical or repair a roof. In short, my love of tools started with him. 
The Bridgeport Mills are in wonderful condition. No rust or decay or paint chipping or worn out parts. 
Again the tools in this sale are PRISTINE.

Please DO NOT call and regale me with stories of how you bought a vintage Bridgeport for $500 from Mr. Craigslist. That translates to you are either trying to feel me out price wise (and I get that) or you're a cheapskate. NO I AM NOT TRYING TO RETAIL these items. I just want YOU to be FAIR with ME. Ask around about me. I AM EXTREMELY FAIR. Tooling is the most important part of these machines. This Machinist spent DECADES (seriously) hunting these pieces. Thats the hard part no one every talks about. Do YOU have all your tooling pieces? You could go the eBay route or other selling platforms, but buying online is a challenge. Very "Forrest Gump." Yeah buy some dull tools and buy more tools to sharpen up your first set of dull tools. Do yourself a favor, just come and get some fabulous tools, immaculate tools. Enough for everyone!  

This is where it gets good. We will HELP YOU load for FREE. This is NOT A BASEMENT or 4th floor. No twist and turns. Just friendly staff waiting to help you load. For you novices out there, LOADING is half the battle. Just pull your truck up to one of the THREE loading docks and poof, GIDDER DONE! How about you TIP the STAFF? 
So what do you think? Are you my baller?! Looking forward to meeting and doing business with YOU! 

Stay close. More to come!
Lynne McDaniel


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