Your FIRST Estate Sale: FAQ'S or What to do Before, During & After

                                           WELCOME FIRST TIMERS! 

So you've decided to take the plunge! It may seem daunting, but before you know it, you'll be hooked! Estate Sale Goddess noted for having "HISTORIC" Estate liquidations (Lerone Bennett Ebony Magazine, Cyril Pinder Chicago Bears, Honorable Chancey Eskridge Dr. Martin Luther Kings Attorney) offers you a quick outline of what to do before, during & after an Estate Sale.


  • PLEASE DO NOT call and ask for prices. As a rule, Estate Sale companies do not divulge prices before the Sale. We are still unpacking the Estate and cannot stop to answer "how much for, what room is the, or dimensions," emails, phone calls or texts. Thank you kindly for understanding. 
  • Address released HERE 24 hours before the sale. Arrive VERY EARLY for best purchases!

  • Bring CASH! All cards accepted, but CASH may get you a discount!
  • Once you reach the Estate Sale destination, LQQK for the person with the *LIST. A list determines who gets in when. If you are number 1 on the list, you enter first. 
  • If you are the first to arrive, look around and see if someone waves a sheet of paper from the drivers side window. Or it might be transfixed to a windshield. They might be taking a "cat nap" or getting signatures from other vehicles. 
  • While you're at it, check out the lay of the land. If you don't see anyone, then CONGRATULATIONS, you are first! Start a numbered list. 
  • Bring a sheet of paper and write your name on the first line. Then the next person to arrive is second, and the next is third, and so forth. Capiche?
  • Numbers at 8:30a. The numbers will be passed out by staff according to the list. If you are not available at 8:30a when your name is called--don't look at me!
  • Estate Sale Goddess will NOT honor a list taped to the door. (Do they still even try that move? If found, I will remove and shred it with my bare hands and swallow it.) Must be a "watched" list folks.
  • Park carefully! We are not responsible for tickets or tows. 
  • Please start the line by the garage door. Thank you. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. ESTATE SALE GODDESS is NOT RESPONSIBLE for accidents or injuries.
  • The entrance is through garage.
  • Due to the size of this sale, NO PRE SALES. Its not fair to others waiting to shop.
  • While waiting DO NOT PEEK IN THE WINDOWS PERVS! Its rude, CREEPY and unseemly. #Marinesonpremises #DevilDogs
  • When the doors open, your name will be called from the list, number collected, then come in and SHOP! (And YIKES, its cold out. We will do our best to get everyone in expeditiously.)
  • And yes, its FREE TO ATTEND! 
  • Bring your own bags (help me stay GREEN) and bring your own muscle.
  • You must be 21 and over to enter. I must stick firm on this one. I love children, ok, my granddaughter--sorry Absolutely NO CHILDREN ALLOWED, not even Gingersnap!

  • All cards accepted but CASH, is well, you know.
  • Furniture shoppers, once inside move quickly. SHOP with purpose. Others may have come for the same item you're eyeing. 
  • See something you'd like to purchase, remove the white tag from the item ASAP, take it to the cashier IMMEDIATELY and PAY.
  • Please, DO NOT walk around with tag in hand. Sooo not fair to others. And we're better than that, right? RIGHT? Ok then. 😘 
  • Home Decor, small items? You are welcome to leave armfuls of items on the MONITORED "hold rack" over by the cashiers. 
  • If you walk around with armfuls of goodies and you get to the register and put 3/4's back, you are BANNED from ever attending an Estate Sale Goddess event again--in life! Why would you want to stop others from purchasing that lovely pink cashmere sweater that you knew you really didn't want? 
  • You are welcome to shop and checkout. Look around a bit more, shop and repeat. 
  • Complimentary White and Red wine will be "self served." Must be 21 to enter. Drink responsibly. Beers in the fridge in the rec room lower level. Wine upstairs in the Elizabeth Taylor Boutique. 
  • Drink! Smile! Giggle! Bring your business cards! This is an event! Talk to each other. We all are passionate about the same thing. 
  • YES we negotiate. LQQk for me or Ty McDaniel. If you don't see me, ask staff to contact me via walkie-talkie for immediate service.

  • Please package your own items on the packing table by the cashier. 
  • Exit out of door you entered.
  • PLEASE TIP the STAFF if they help carry/load items. It's NOT their job to load your vehicle. Remember, it's a courtesy. 
  • Please bring your own muscle or TIP my staff.  And trust, I will ask if you used your antiquated "womanly wiles" moves or tried "flexing" to entice our staff to help you load out. Stop laughing, you know who you are!
  • Estate Sale Goddess is NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to your purchased items or vehicle when loading. 
  • This is an Estate Sale. Please inspect all items before purchasing. No RETURNS, REFUNDS or EXCHANGES. 
  • So here it is folks. Here's your plan. Dive in. Notice everything and leave nothing!
  • For a giggle, take a peek at the video below 👀


  • May I come in and measure? No. We are NOT a "retail store" just a 2 day Estate Sale. Simply measure your space and check the photos, on the site, for DIMS.
  • Do you Pre-Sale? No, BUT, we do offer Pre-Sales on some sales. E.g., Vintage cars, HUGE record collections, Sailboats, Coins, Diamonds, Real Estate, Vintage Stereo Equipment. It will be noted "BUY IT NOW" on the subject line of the post when that is the case.
  •  If you are a *"serious" Buyer, then by all means, PLEASE add your name to our mailing list at the Cashier table, on your way in/out of our sales. (BTW, I can see SERIOUS BUYERS a mile away! And I can smell, BS a mile away. Please, don't try me 👀) 
  • Please do NOT ring/text "what room is the bedroom/dining room etc, set in?" Please. #selfexplanatory 
  • PRICING. We are an ESTATE SALE, NOT RETAIL. Our prices are FAIR whether an end user or re-seller! 
  • Please wrap all PAID FOR items on the designated WRAPPING TABLE. 
More questions? Please leave in comment section. 
Thank you kindly,

Lynne McDaniel
Your Estate Sale Goddess!
Shark Tanks Robert Herjavec
w/ Your Estate Sale Goddess

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